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Drone Roof Inspections 2017-08-17T10:05:55+00:00

Home Inspector Using Drone to include Roof Conditions in Inspector Report:

Steve Molyneaux, a certified home inspector in North Georgia, realized very quickly the importance offering his clients roof drone inspections. He said he knew first hand that a paid inspector didn’t inspect his own roof because it was too tall and concluded that the inspection process was flawed.

It also occurred to him that it was a unique business opportunity. He purchased a Phantom 4 propeller drone. A lot of people like to get an aerial photograph of their house. Molyneaux offers this service as an option on his inspection regimen. Molyneaux doesn’t worry about climbing long ladders or balancing on bad roofs. He just sends the drone up top to have a look. The high definition camera gets superb aerial photographs and video of their house. It’s really great to be able to offer this service to his clients and feels it provides the most protection against roof claims.